City Tour

When the sun delicate light starts fading from horizon sky and the darkness of night comes to cover some parts of the earth, Siem Reap city suddenly comes alive with the hustle and bustle city. If you are travelling on Sivutha road, you will notice the daily activity of local people. Some starts selling their foods on the street, some starts opening their store and some people starts welcoming guests with a warm smile on their face. Some place like Pub Street is fully filled by the people who are keen to try new foods as it is the only street which is totally full of many sorts of restaurant. So let go here for chilling out at night time. If you are an art lover and looking for a place where sells painting, handicraft and manmade products in a very decent price, i would suggest to go to Night market. If you are looking for fresh fruits, snacks and wet market then go to Old market but sadly old market is available only from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening. In summation, Siem Reap province is a small heaven that you can get yourself to relieve after your busy working day, and besides the temples there are plenty things to do and i strongly believe you will be not regret for coming.