Outside Angkor Complex

The following temple ruins are located a little bit isolated from the Angkor complex. Let me introduce you to my favorite one it is Banteay Srey(Pink Temple). Banteay Srey is situated 30 miles away from the city, well, but it is worth to visit. The appearance, the art, the carving are way far better and it is well-preserved than the other temples as it is made of sand stone. It literally makes the different.
Go further another 20miles, you will get to see Kulen Mountain, which has been considered as the holly place and it used to be our first capital city in Angkor Era. Kulen Moutain was where they did the digest and carving the stone before sending to build the temples. At this point, you will reckon there are many carvings lying under the river and you can clearly look through the river.
Another temple that I highly suggest to visit is called as Beng Melea. Beng Melea is one of the oldest temples in our country and its oldness apparently describes the beauty of the early age of Angkor Era. It is nothing much different from Ta Phrom(Tomb Raider), but the atmosphere here is way more relaxing as it is not as crowded as Ta phrom. Once you entering the entrace of temple, you will immediately feel that you are in the temple of jungle that had been abandoned by people from a very long ago.