Social Responsibility

Cambodia is still a developing country, where in majority of people income in countryside depends on agriculture. People somehow can hardly earn a dollar per day based on what an international organization has said. That’s true, and Illiteracy is the main factor of poverty as people are not able to find a job with decent salary. Cambodia had been in war for decades, the impact brought Cambodia into the lowest level of zero in term of human capital. Intelligences were killed, and some fled. People at that time some had not been even got any educated, and because of that reason it became the responsibility of society this day.

Being a part of Cambodia citizen, Chronicle Angkor Hotel cannot stand seeing and doing nothing. We have motivated ourselves and have helped community in many various ways. At this point, allow us to narrate one of our specific activities. Aunt Yoeun, a widow woman who reside in Bakong Commune, Siem reap province, has 3 daughters in burden. Her daily income typically depends on her small rice field. The money she has earned from her farm is nothing; she could hardly afford to raise her daughters up. Aunt Yoeun had learnt some skill from her parents and she is really skillful in making manmade products we would say. One of those products is palm hat which we are exceedingly interested in. Palm hat is precious as it is our traditional hat, and it is obviously rare as not many people today know the way how to make it. Therefore, we decided to choose palm hat as a welcome gift for our guests, in the mean time we could provide her an extra career to support her life.

Palm hat is commonly used by farmers, workers since Angkor Era, but the numbers of hats are decreased from day to day due to modern various hats are sold over Cambodia. While helping Aunt Yoeun, we could enhance and preserve Cambodia Identities from becoming extinct. That is really worthwhile, and that is the purpose of us. We understand that what we have helped not much, but it is our heartfelt desire.

We have supported and are still supporting Aunt Yeoun by buying at least 150 hats a month based on the number of guests. The amount she earns is quite decent and certainly could afford her daughter to study in university, but it doesn’t mean our mission is completed. In the future, we will keep doing what we are doing and even enlarging our activity to help and support to another family who are indeed struggling in poverty in that community. At this point, we could only make this happen as long as you choose to accommodate in our property, so you are the main role in our activity. We are warmly welcome if you would love to have a visit of how a palm hat made.